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Will this new year be your “New Performance”?

It is now early into 2018 (mid-January at the time of this writing).

You may find yourself making all kinds of  “Commitments”
to yourself with the intention of doing something different.

But what will be different?

=> Clean the house once a week
=> Lose weight
=> Organize
=> Make more money
=> Start a business, or make the present on work!

So it is “Start This”, “Quit That”, and all is well – for a month or two.

Then what happens? Right!


The commitment goes down like an avalanche, and is never
seen or heard from again – until next year.

My question to you, my dear reader, is why do you have
to wait until next year to make things better?

What is the matter with next month?

How about next week? Tomorrow?


There, I’ve said it.  There is absolutely no reason that you
should have to wait to make changes in your life.
Your “New Performance” should begin TODAY.

Face it. All throughout these past years, you have found that
your efforts have fallen short much of the time.

You get:
 Get down on yourself
 Accept depression

and very often you

 Accept defeat

Do you have to let these emotions rule your life?

Of course not.

Emotions don’t just go away, but they don’t need to
be something that gets in the way of successful endeavors.

Emotional behaviors are things such as:
>>> Watching those cat videos just because they are cute.
>>> Getting hung up on a website when searching for something else.
>>> You are on a 20 minute deadline, but decide that you are hungry – and you eat.
>>> Already running late for work, but your “Sweety” is waiting in the bedroom.
>>> 20-page paper due at 8am. Just a small nap. Then you wake up at 7am. Ouch!
>>> How much “Road Rage” is induced by other drivers? NONE! The rage comes from you.

This is the first post on this web site.  I chose the topic “New Performance”
because this site is new, and it is a new beginning for those who are willing to
read, learn, and try.

The very first thing that goes into creating that (“New Performance” [link]) is
the willingness to be a better performer.  You perform every day, and
in most everything that you do, from tying your shoes to how well you
perform your job at work.

The right training = New Skills = New Performance = New YOU!

Let me show you how right now.


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