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Where performance begins is not just on the playing field. Have you
ever wondered why is it that there are so many successful people
doing many successful things?

What makes YOUR performance great, but someone else’s mediocre?

==> That “Someone else” seems to work just as hard, and diligently as you.

==> The subject is pretty similar.

==> The work seems to be pretty much the same.

Yet . . .

performance head banging


That someone may find him/herself banging their head against that wall!

Your performance seems to “Catch on” with people, and people always
seem to want more of what you have to give them.

So just what is it that makes YOU the successful one, and this other
chap, who works with similar things, in similar ways, just does not
seem to be able to get any traction.

Or, maybe it is you who is watching someone else doing something.
You attempt to do similar things, in similar ways, you even work
with similar subject matter.

It is now YOU who is trying to keep from floundering and failing.

Obviously, there must be a difference. Right?

If there were no difference, then you would have to expect the
exact same results. Yet, when you attempt to do the same things,
in the same way, you have little or no success.

Soooooooo, what’s the difference?


Common sense would tell us that there must be a difference.
If there were no difference, your copied results should be identical.

But they are not!

“Why not?” You ask. Well, I’m glad that you asked.

You work differently than other people. Likely just as hard, or harder.
You write differently than other people.
You see things differently than do others.
You make different mistakes than others are making.

There is always going to be something missing, or different.

When things don’t seem to work out well, it is important to
find out what that missing link might be that inhibits your progress.
This is why understanding where performance begins for you is important.

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