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Here are a few things that you will want
to do prior to the workshop.

You may wish to make notes, and if so, then
keep a pad of paper and pen handy.

So that I can help you more effectively, I would like
you to think about what ONE major thing that
might be a sticking point in your life.

Please email me at: perform@performancepsychologyconsultants.com

I may ask everyone to volunteer one of their "Sticking Points"
to put it into the chat box (i.e. I procrastinate, disorganized,
afraid of failure, or whatever) You are welcome respond - or not.

due to time limitations, the workshop will begin promptly
at 9AM, and will end promptly at 9:40.

I look forward to meeting you at the workshop.



I will send you out an email reminder before the workshop.