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How do you go about building yourself back up after the Covid 19
problems have left you with:

=> Less money?
=> Less freedom?
=> Fewer options (seemingly) going forward?
=> Fewer hours at work – if you are still working?
=> More Worries
=> More frustration

What you do have is more time:
=> To think
=> To Plan
=> For getting things done
=> For family
=> Building relationships
=> Building trust

Covid-19 problems have forced most of us into a rebuilding process,
or if nothing else, to just make us get used to a different way of life, lifestyle, and work (if only temporary).

This virus, and how it has been handled, has essentially turned this
world upside down.

Or, maybe you haven’t you noticed, or been affected in any way,
and is it just me who doesn’t know which way is up anymore.

Building yourself back up from these Covid 19 problems, both real and
conjectured, has usually been a major challenge for you, me, and
and most everyone else.

In many places, things are getting back so a somewhat normal state, but
other places are continuing to place more restrictions on “life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness”. Maybe those last few words ring a bell.

Now the big thing is the “Delta Variant”. I also ran across another
article talking about another variant called “Lamda”.

Will this end? NO! Do viruses mutate? Yes. Covid will continue to
mutate, but hopefully become less dangerous. The standard flu changes
every year and the Feds play a guessing game as to which vaccine
should be given each year.

So much for the health lecture. The bottom line is. . .


Performance, at its core, is based on only a few things.

1. Desire
2. Determination
3. Perseverence

There is much more to these three things, and each carries its own
set of rules, and there are more that should be added to the list, as
well as the debates on which is most important, but these are some of
the basics that you need to improving your performance.

Many people are still thriving through all of this Covid inconvenience.
Look at the folks who began manufacturing face masks, they are making
out like “Bandits” (probably supplying face coverings to real bandits).

Seriously, here is a sort of checklist of things you may want to ask.

a. How have these events affected you? Good way, not so good.

b. What have you done to counter these affects if they are not good? Something/Nothing

c. If “Something”, then did your problem get solved? (“Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, “Kind of”, or “Hell if I know”.)

d. When you realized your problem was not solved, did you try again?
Go over what you did the first time? Change anything from your
first attempt to counter the problem?

e. Did I get professional advice?

The more you organize, set up, and follow through on any journey, the better
will be your performance. That said, the better you organize, set-up, and
follow through to solve a problem, not only will your performance be noticed,
but you will also reach a much higher level of success.

Enough for now.


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