Are you ready to do, and
accomplish more, than you
ever thought that you could?

How would it feel to perform your best, have people look up to you,
and finally get the respect that you deserve?

As a "Peak Performer, people want your attention and your knowledge.

As a Peak Performer, People want to BE like you!

I want to invite you to become a member of my program - IF you are ready.

The basics of getting results at anything are to keep learning, and keep working at the same thing. Then you get good at what you do.

So, what's the problem?

How long and how hard are most people willing to continue learning and working at the same thing? Many people quit high school and college.  

How do you keep working at the same thing day in and day out - and like what you do?  You don't - unless . . .

=> You have EXTREME passion for what you do
=> You have EXTREME dedication to your work
=> You are OVERWHELMED with motivation to succeed
=> You Create Excitement about your work each day

These are just a few of the things that are needed to be a top performer.

You say, "I could never do that".

And, that answer is exactly why you haven't been able to do that - UNTIL NOW!

There is this (now) old quip, almost a cliche', that goes -

"If you think that you can, you can.
If you think that you can't - you're right!"

BUT, and there's always a "But",  WHAT IF YOU CAN do all of those things?

I am telling you right now that - YOU CAN

I have worked with hundreds of people over the past 35 years. The past 20 years have been focused on improving personal and professional performance. 

What will it take to make YOU a better performer? became my sole focus.

To do that I need to know what you do, what you want to do, and how you work at what you do.

In other words, how much passion, dedication, motivation, etc. do you have?

I also want to know how you deal with difficult situations, stress, and how you handle
the time that you spend working toward your specific goal(s).

By the time that people finally get to me, they feel that they have lost most of their
energy spinning their wheels, beating their head against that wall, feeling like they are
losing (or have lost) the battle.

Within only 10 minutes of speaking to me the most amazing thing occurs . . .

==> They realize that they still have that passion
==> There is still motivation in their bones
==>They begin to understand their faulty thinking
==> They again feel that sense of excitement

I struggled terribly early in my life.  I found myself in my early 20's with no money, a
crappy job, and few friends. 

I tried to start a couple of businesses, but found out quickly that I was just "Not cut out"
to be a business person. Losing money at every turn makes that obvious very quickly.

I had my B.A. in psychology, and I thought that I could fix my problems myself
I was wrong. Even though I thought that I knew how to change, nothing worked.

I decided that I needed some direction, and broke down and talked to one of my early 
college psychology professors who remembered some of my early struggles.

In 30 minutes I realized that I had to:

>>> Stop feeling sorry for myself

>>> Re-build my self-confidence

>>> Get my direction back

>>> Re-train my thinking

In short, I was able to make mental and emotional corrections which appeared to many onlookers to have literally "transformed" me into some amazing person.  I must admit, it felt that way too.  

I was not transformed, I was just enlightened as to what I was, and was not, doing.

You do not have to "Transform" anything.  All that you need to do is to make, usually small, "Inner" changes in how you think, and respond, to the "Outer" changes that confront you in your daily work and/or life.

"Best part of this training is that it provides you with the most important thing
that you need in life - your success."

N. Heddi, Louisiana


"Great content and very useful tips and insights into improving productivity."

- E.X., Singapore

When you least expect it, life often brings something unexpected to you that you can grab onto, and move yourself forward - an opportunity.

The "Grabbing" seems to be the main issue for most people. 

"Will this work for me?"

"Can I really do this?"

"Do I really need this?"

"Is it worth the money?" 

This is just a guess (not really), but I am pretty certain that you have asked yourself these questions many times before. You have bought, and spent a lot more, and received a lot less than I am going to offer, and give you.

I am not even going to try to convince you that you MUST, HAVE TO, ARE LOST UNLESS,
CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT, ETC., my offer for membership.

I haven't even told you what my offer is yet.

First, let me tell you what I will do for you.

EVERYTHING! - well, almost.

You Get:

Unlimited emails

Access to everything - videos, pdf's, articles, tutorials, and me!

Daily coaching tips

Phone consultations


Daily lesson plan tailored to your specific problem(s)

1 Month Membership - $47

- Secure Payment with PayPal -

Free - 5 day Trial Membership

Here is how you will begin.
1. Sign up.
2. Check inbox and answer several questions.
3. Schedule a consultation

The consultation will determine how I proceed with your training.

After the consultation I will write up a lesson plan to fit your specific needs.

It is up to you to work each plan. I will hold you responsible for
following through on each part of the plan. 

You will email me with your daily progress.

At only $97/month this is a steal.

The time that it takes me to evaluate your needs, write up your specific plan, and follow your progress, will be very time consuming.  No matter.

You deserve the best, and my best is what you will get! 

I am making this VERY affordable.

I will only be taking on 20 new clients.

I will not allow myself to be spread so thin
that I can't give you the attention that you need.

Again - affordability is another goal for this program.

Everyone wants a bargain - so here it is . . .

You won't pay $97
or $87

Join Now and get. . .

1 month for only $47

1 Month Membership - $47

Secure Payment with PayPal -

FREE 5 day Trial Membership

Each month, together, we will evaluate where you are at, and the progress that you are making. If you or I do not feel that you are suited to this program, then I will tell you so. You can then decide what you wish to do. I will not drop you from the program for not
immediately catching onto the concepts, or being able to put them into "Instant" practice. 

It often takes a little time and practice to make things happen.

I will drop you from the program if:

=> You complain about everything, and are not respectful.
=> I have to go over the same things again, and again, and again...
=> You show me that you don't give a damn. No work, no effort = No program. 

Why go only three months you ask? In addition to the above, I will not hold you to any ongoing subscription just to try to get more money from you.

I am here to help you, not to put more roadblocks in your way.

Again, here is what you will be getting when you
become a member:

You Get:

Unlimited emails (within reason)

Access to everything - videos, pdf's, articles, tutorials, and me!

Daily coaching tips

Phone consultations


Daily lesson plan tailored to your specific problem(s)

1 Month Membership - $47

Secure Payment with PayPal

FREE - 5 day Trial Membership

We all want to do our part to change things for the better, and help ourselves in the process.  It is a miniscule number of people who actually are able to change anything.  Why, because they can't even change themselves.

Now is your chance to change yourself, move forward, and be a part of society that will look up to you, respect you, and come to you for advice and guidance. 

Now, your first step is to sign up so that you can answer a few questions for me.

Let me tell you something that stopped me for a long time. 

You know those "Questions" that I am going to send you?  I would not have signed up only because I was embarrased to answer them - honestly. Yes, really.

I was so deep into my despair that I did not want anyone to know that I was this pitiful failure who was never, ever, going to amount to anything. 

Does this sound at all like you?

If it does, let me re-assure you that EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that is sent or discussed between you and me is NEVER going to find its way to anyone else. As a former counseling psychologist my ethics run extremely high. I don't judge you, I help you!

I have also gone through, and understand the dilemma that you my be, or are facing when it comes to giving up some of your personal information, and yourself.


Here is what I have since realized. It took me a long time to seek help from my professor.
I really did not know him that well, but he was the only professor who seemed to see
potential in me (that I didn't see myself). I felt alone, very shy, intimidated by everything.

Once I made the decision to get help, it was life-changing.

1. I felt like I had a tremendous load lifted.
2. I saw renewed possibilities for my life.
3. I was able to see my life more clearly.
4. I was able to re-build my self-confidence.

The one thing that you must remember is that failure breeds failure.

Here's how it works. You are excited, gung-ho, ready to "Rock The World", then things
simply fall apart. You fail. Nothing worked. 

You try something else, again nothing you do seems to make a difference.

Each time that you put yourself out there, trying to make that "Difference", nothing seems to work (failure in your eyes), you lose something. What you lose is motivation, drive, energy, effort, and the most important thing of all - you lose self-confidence. In other words, you lose everything that you need
in order to succeed. 

This then becomes a cycle. You make an attempt, but since you already know what the outcome is going to be, failure, you psychologically cannot give any new effort, at least not your full effort. 

I can, and I will, help you break that cycle of self-distrust. Start trusting in yourself again, get back that self-confidence that you did not know you still had, and

start performing again. . .

For Yourself!

1 Month Membership - $57


3 Month Membership - $97

*7 day Trial Membership - $7
pay with paypal

- Secure Payment with PayPal -

I understand that you may have some questions about the program. Unlike most other programs, I welcome the inquiries. I have nothing to hide, and want to do what I can to help you.

Please address any questions or concerns to my email:

Robert Bates

Performance Psychology Consultants

*7 Day Trial Includes:  Personal Evaluation, Email consultation, Member's Access

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