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Why living without performance just can’t be done.

Living without performance is impossible.

When you go to work you there are certain things that are
expected of you, you are expected to perform your tasks
effectively, efficiently, and in a timely manner.

Most of us (myself included) have had jobs that require
learning a specific knowledge base. After the knowledge
is acquired, and as we get better at using that knowledge,
we become very proficient, and expert at those things.

If you are alive, you are performing everyday.
You are never living without performance that reflects
directly back at you.

If you are in a high-level job, or are in business for yourself,
then your job requires that you do much more than just
a set layer of tasks, within a certain time period.

The ability to effectively use your skills in a timely
and efficient manner, is what performance is all about.

There are always things that you can to do
improve your performance.

You can improve your performance by something as simple
as working an hour longer each day.

Improved performance can be achieved by organizing the
files on your computer.

Pay attention to the things that matter to you, and
work toward doing them better.

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