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Keep your eyes, and your mind, focused on your road ahead. focus on the road ahead By staying focused on where you are going, you can maintain your motivation and achieve your dreams. Maybe you are one of the lucky few who is never distracted by anything. REALLY? Did you know that the average loss of work EACH DAY is over 3 hours. That means for every 8 hours that you are getting paid, you are only working for 5 hours – maybe. Then, considering that the average attention span of most individuals is only 20 to 30 minutes (and that’s at the high end) long, then there is several minutes of “Dead” time used to re-group and gather back our thoughts, leaving us with working not more than 4-1/2 hours in a work day. So you’re upset that you are only making $20/hr. Well guess what? You no longer have to carry a frown. You are really making over $35/hr.

The less you work, the more you make.

With that in mind, consider which is more beneficial to you. . .

Would you be better off wasting all of that time, still getting your paycheck,


would it benefit you to out perform your peers (they waste time too) and set yourself up for advancement in your industry?

Which road in front of you are you going to take?

which road will you take?

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