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Performance is the key to any business. Without management and employee performance, your business takes a beating.

Also, if you have only a handful of individuals, or even ONE person who lacks the knowledge needed to keep on tip of his or her work, then you will still have a stagnancy in your business.

So, what is the answer?

You could:

1. Discipline your employee

But then you have likely already done that.

2. Fire your employee
All that time, training, and money wasted.

3. Place the employee in another position
This employee knows the job, but is struggling with something.

Many employees who struggle with their jobs are good employees.
They are employees who are on time, don’t miss work, and they get
along well with the staff and management.

These people want to do their jobs better …

And you want them to!

Why not just train them to perform better?

At Performance Psychology Consultants, we specialize in,
and address 3 specific areas of performance:

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Focus can make or break any project. 

It is most often some type of distraction that causes loss of focus. It is not always obvious what is causing distraction(s).

Eliminate distraction, and significantly increase your bottom line. 


Reasons for being an unmotivated employee vary, but there are causes for someone who does well, and then his/her productivity falls.

It is important for both the business and the employee to find out the problem.


Communication is imperative in any business or organization.

If an employee misunderstands, is feeling overwhelmed, or is unable to express concerns effectively to his/her superiors, then productivity will fall off.

Any one of these 3 areas can, and will affect the others.

There must be a balance between each of them in order to
maintain stasis and stability in your workplace.


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